Meet our committee

The Peckham WI Committee ensures the smooth running of our WI. We meet separately once a month to plan our programme, manage our membership, organise fundraising, identify ways to get involved in the local community and deal with any issues. Most of our committee attend every general monthly meeting so please speak to one of us if you have any ideas, comments or concerns.

Our current roles are listed below but others could be added if you spot a gap!

Our Committee:

President – Tash Shotton
Tash_squareIt is the President’s job to oversee the general running of our WI, ensuring the committee works well together and making sure all members feel included. She is also the public face of our WI and so often represents us to other WIs, to our regional ‘parent’ organisation in West Kent, and even to the press!

Tash: I have lived in Peckham for four and half years and love it here. I have been in the WI and on the committee since it started. Outside the WI, you can find me crafting, baking, DIY’ing, reading, enjoying good food and currently off work hanging out with my baby son.

Vice President – Liz Ensor
Liz_squareThe Vice President supports the President to plan and oversee the work of the committee and our WI. She is also on hand to provide additional general support to the President and committee members when and where it is needed.

Liz: When I’m not at WI I learn pottery at the Kiln Rooms in Peckham and work for a national charity in PR. I love learning  new things and meeting new people at our WI.

Secretary – Catherine Ambrose
Catherine AmbroseThe Secretary works closely with the President, Vice President and Treasurer to ensure the smooth conduct of WI business. They are responsible for seeing committee business is carried out, and handling and acknowledging all correspondence from the West Kent Federation and National WI. They also take minutes at both committee and general meetings.

Catherine: I joined Peckham WI in 2017 and absolutely love the variety of experiences that the meetings offer.  Outside of the WI, most of my time is spent running around after my twin toddlers, with a bit of baking, crafting and writing squeezed in around the sides, often with their “help”.

Treasurer – Sarah Turner
The Treasurer looks after the financial affairs of our WI and is responsible for banking money received, paying expenses and financial planning.

Sarah: I have lived in the Peckham and Camberwell area for the past ten years and work for an education company. In my spare time I love to craft.

Vice Secretary/Treasurer – Jo Fox
Jo_Fox_2The Vice Secretary/ Vice Treasurer works with the Secretary and Treasurer to ensure the smooth running of the WI business.

Jo: Having lived on and off in Peckham Rye since 2006, I am enjoying getting more involved with the local WI. Outside of the WI, I can be found working in a housing association, running, doing a DIY project or dog walking.

Programme Managers –  Naomi Nicholson and Sarah Denney
The Programme Managers coordinate the programme of activities for our WI. This means listening to members and developing a programme which reflects the interests of the group, as well as trying to incorporate the five elements the WI requires, which are: home economics; current affairs; craft; education; and health. We also lead on the logistics, such as contacting speakers and welcoming them on the night, liaising with the Treasurer if there are costs involved, coordinating any equipment required for activities, etc.

Membership Manager – Hannah BainesHB
The Membership Manager is responsible for formally notifying the national WI of member registrations at the start of the year, as well as logging attendance at monthly meetings. She compiles the emails to members to update them on upcoming sessions and other relevant news, and manages membership queries and the Peckham WI membership waiting list.

Hannah: I love being in the Peckham WI and getting to know more people locally as well as discovering more of the hidden (or not so hidden) gems in SE15. Outside of the WI, I am an event manager and love shoes, food and dancing.


Change/Campaigns Manager – Kate Jonesdslr-picture-set-49-295
The Change/Campaigns Manager leads our WI’s involvement in wider WI awareness and advocacy campaigns, on issues like climate change, food waste and loneliness. She also looks for opportunities to make change locally through, for instance, our contributions to a local food bank.

Kate: When not at WI, I am a mum of two and I work for a couple of charities that focus on sustainability. I have been in the WI and on the committee since it started. On another note entirely – but equally important! – I run the cake rota for the monthly meetings.

Social Media Managers – Lissa Minnis and Sarah Eldridge
The Social Media Managers lead our online presence – our website, Facebook group, and Instagram and Twitter accounts. They are responsible for using these to engage with our members and share what we are doing as a WI.


Lissa: I keep members up to date on Peckham WI’s meetings, events and campaigns via

Twitter and Instagram as well as tweeting about Peckham stories. I joined Peckham WI in January 2017 as I wanted to get more involved with the local community and decided that joining the committee was the best way to get involved. I have a passion for travelling, discovering new restaurants and drinking wine!


Sarah: I look after our closed Facebook group (get in touch to request to join!) and website, which we also use to keep in touch with members. I have

lived in SE London for ages, but hale from rural Somerset and love to get back to the countryside when I can. I worked as an occupational therapist for many years but now coordinate projects in a mental health setting. I keep myself busy with running, yoga, gardening and anything crafty. I am passionate about environmental, social and of course woman’s issues!

Fundraiser – Emma  Milsom
Emma_squarepicAs Peckham WI is a charity and self-funding, the Fundraiser coordinates raising money (to supplement our membership subscriptions) to help pay for speakers, meeting events and equipment. She sources prizes for stalls we may have at local community fairs and raffles and also takes the lead on organising various fundraising activities.