May Meeting- Annual General Meeting

This month is our AGM, at which we will elect our New President and Committee for the coming year!

We’ll also be voting on two proposed by-laws; – 1. Capping committee numbers at 12 (more info below); 2. To limit length of tenure in any specific Committee post to three years, with a proviso of a fourth year if no-one else wishes to fill that role.

Also we will be discussing the latest proposed WI resolution.

Our Committee

Joining the Committee is a great way to be more involved in the running of our WI. We meet once a month over dinner. Ideally we’re looking for three new members – Secretary (without which we’re not allowed to operate!), Vice Secretary/Treasurer, and a Programme Manager. Information on each role is below.

If you’re interested, please let us know by email before the meeting, or you can also stand on the day. If you’d like to be on the Committee but aren’t sure any of these roles are right for you, then please also get in touch. Who does what is then formally agreed within the Committee at their first meeting after the AGM (later in May).

Our President

The President is the only role that is formally voted for at the AGM. Our wonderful current President and founder, Ruby, is sadly stepping down – although thankfully she’s still going to come along to meetings!

The Roles


It’s the President’s job to oversee the general running of our WI, ensuring the committee works well together and making sure all members feel included. The President is also the public face of our WI and so she often represents us to other WIs, to our regional ‘parent’ organisation in West Kent, and even to the press!


The Secretary works closely with the President, Vice President and Treasurer to ensure the smooth conduct of WI business. She is responsible for seeing committee business is carried out, and handling and acknowledging all correspondence from the West Kent Federation and the WI National Federation. She is also responsible for taking minutes at both committee and general meetings.

Vice Secretary/Treasurer

The Vice Secretary/Treasurer supports the Secretary in all of the above, deputising when the Secretary is not available. She also supports the Treasurer in her duties: helping to look after the financial affairs of our WI, banking money received, paying expenses and financial planning.

Programme Manager

We have two Programme Managers, who coordinate the programme for our WI. This means listening to members and developing a programme which reflects the interests of the group, as well as trying to incorporate the five elements the WI requires, which are: home economics; current affairs; craft; education; and health. They also lead on the logistics, such as contacting speakers and welcoming them on the night, liaising with the Treasurer if there are costs involved, coordinating any equipment required for activities, etc.

WI Resolutions

The 2018 resolution for WI is Mental Health Matters- we will be discussing this and how we can support it at this month’s meeting. Please feel free to read about the Mental Health Matters resolution beforehand.